"The Partner to be Employee Champion"

Employees who are qualified / competent is a corporate asset that is very important and very necessary, because by having a qualified employee the company will be able to grow and ready for development and change. In this case we are required to be able to develop and produce qualified employees in accordance with the characteristics and culture of the company (Dharma Group).


White color is flanked by green form the letter "D" stands for DHARMA, and is not representing the broad-brimmed, large and infinite.


The letters "LC" represents a combined entity.


White color in the middle of the letters "LC" describes the droplets of water that reflects the attitude diligently to continue to make a positive contribution to sustainable excellence.


Stands for "DLC" next made ​​3 line downward to reflect that there are 3 types of training in treatment in the "DLC", ie Basic, Mandatory, and Special / Advance Training.


Logo consists of 3 diadop colors of the company logo and have the respective meanings :

Blue : Visualization training method is dynamic, full of creativity, trust and loyalty is high.

Green : Crystallization passion to always build high quality people to build a successful company.

White (Basic Color) : Reflection sincerity in contributing to creating a competent employee for the company.

DLC Logo