Established in August 2002, PT Dharma Electrindo Manufacturing focuses its business in the manufacturing of automotive wiring harness and several electronic components mainly for major automotive manufacturing companies. In its operation, PT Dharma Electrindo Manufacturing follows the principles of Quality Management ISO TS 16949 and Environmental Management ISO 14001.

To provide the best quality of service to its Customers, the Company equips its production facilities with state of the art technology, such as: Auto-Cutting & Crimping machine, Auto-Cutting & Middle Stripping machine, Assembling Conveyor system, and Electrical Tester. However, the company believes that state of the art equipment alone will not produce high quality products, it needs good production process or system, supported by qualified human resources. As a commitment to this belief, the company operates a program called DOJO or training center conducted by highly qualified trainers, good program, and a wide range of training equipment to maintain the quality of its human resources.

The Company also operates testing facilities to guarantee consistent quality, among others: Pull Tester, Air Leak Tester, Harness Flec Resistance Test & Harness Torsibility, Digital Microscope, Edges & Burrs Tester, Heating Tester, and Fuse Tester.

Products of PT. Dharma Electrindo Manufacturing, among others:

  • Motorcycle: Main Harness, Wiring Harness Speedometer, Speed Sensor Cable, and Battery Harness
  • Automobile: Main Harness, Instrument Panel Harness, Door Harness, and Battery Harness.
  • Accessories & Others: Parking Sensor, and Security Alarm

PT. Dharma Electrindo Manufacturing main Customer:

  • PT. Astra Honda Motor
  • PT. Indonesia Nippon Seiki (NS)
  • PT. Hyundai Motor Indonesia
  • PT. Toyota Astra Motor
  • PT. Toyo Denso Indonesia
  • PT. Astra International – Daihatsu Sales Operation