Corporate Social Responsibility

Yayasan Bakti Dharma Polimetal

Yayasan Bakti Dharma Polimetal is a foundation which was established in March 2000 based on the notarized document of Lieke Lianadevi Tukgali, SH no. 55 dated on March 21, 2000 based on the thought of:

1. Making it representation of the attention and the social responsibility of PT Dharma Polimetal to its employees, the employees’ family and the community surrounding the company.

2. Participating in increasing the productivity and the human resources quality at the company.

3. Forming a non profit foundation which management is managed separately. Besides that, realizing the aim of the foundation by giving scholarships to the employees and their children also.

At present, the foundation program is focused on the education sector in a form of giving scholarships and financial aids for the purpose of education to the employees and their children.

At its first year, the foundation gave financial aids to 14 outstanding students, the employees’ children. In the future, we plan to increase and develop the program. So that, more employees’ children’s education could be helped.

Established in : March, 2000

Address : Jl. Raya Serang Km 24 Balaraja - Tangerang 15610

The Purpose and Goals

The purpose and the goal of the foundation as stated on the articles of association no. 12 chapter 2 is the foundation has the purpose and the goal at the social sector.

Generally, the purposes & the goals of establishing the foundation are:


Assisting the Government in the effort of creating a well educated nation in order to form a real Pancasila society.


Trying to implement the Pancasila and the 1945 constitution in the life of the people and of the nation.


Assisting the government in the sector of education and in training the human resources.

The Activity

To realize the purpose and to achieve the goal, the foundation has several activities :


Giving financial aids, scholarships and trainings to PT Dharma Polimetal employees’ children needing it.


Cooperating with the community and connected institution in the effort of increasing technical ability and management through education and training program for the community surrounding.


Establishing either formal or non- formal educational institutions such as: Kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools, undergraduate schools, courses and trainings.

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